I was born in the Bronx, NY and educated at Johns Hopkins University and Wayne State Medical School. My residency and psychiatric training were at Harvard (Now called the Brigham & Deaconess program). I had the good fortune of training with many of the American pioneers of Biological Psychiatry (ie. Richard Shader and Joe Schildkraut psychopharmacology; Alan Hobson, sleep research; Tom Gutheil, forensics; Norman Geschwind, behavioral neurology, and others). My training in psychotherapies included psychoanalysis, CBT, systems therapy, and strategic techniques. Many of my mentors were ahead of their time; they all were critical and creative thinkers who were able to integrate new knowledge from disparate fields to advance medicine.

I stayed in the Boston area for 10 more years. I learned to love the challenge of helping patients who were treatment resistant while consulting and teaching at Cambridge Hospital and New England Medical Center (Harvard and Tufts Medical Schools). I also treated hospitalized patients with various psychiatric illnesses, substance use disorders, and eating disorders. I began traveling to other psychiatric programs to teach Drs. about new treatments as they became available.

In 1992, my wife and I decided to leave the icy winters of New England and bring our two young sons to live in Arizona. I am grateful to the company, what was then, St. Luke’s Health System, to lead their psychiatric services as Medical Director. I established an office practice, which continues, and I’m honored to have worked with some patients for over 30 years. My interest in learning and education has also continued, and if you visit my office, you will likely see medical students learning psychiatry.

I maintain balance in my life with strong family ties, several hobbies, and diverse interests. The office is decorated (mostly) with my nature photography. I hope that you find it inviting.

Alvin Burstein, Psychiatrist

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